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My favorite vacations are airbnbs or condos where you can stock up and chill out. You can spend more on a nicer place if you don’t have to pay for every drink one at a time or eat every meal at a restaurant, but this savings is wasted if you have to spend too much on provisions, so I like to keep things efficient. This is why I improvised the Mai Tai No. 2. As much as I love dry curaçao, the unctuous almond flavor of orgeat is the indispensable ingredient in a Mai Tai (besides the rum of course!) Unfortunately, orgeat syrup has a short shelf life and is messy to work with. Enter L’Orgeat Liqueur. It’s about time! Rum, limes and this luscious elixir are all you need to stock the bar on a tropical vacation, and using this sweet and aromatic liqueur in your midday coffee gives you a pick me up while easing you into a leisurely but not sleepy afternoon. A full bottle of L’Orgeat Liqueur will likely last you your whole vacation, multi-purposing along the way.


  • 2 ounces cold, fresh-brewed coffee
    Nothing but your favorite will do...but don't use espresso or anything thick or bitter. When in Hawaii, for example, fresh-brew a pot of coffee with local beans, drink it as usual in the morning and put the leftover in the fridge. It'll be cold enough by lunchtime.
  • 1 ounce L'Orgeat Liqueur


Fill an old fashioned glass or similar with ice. Then add coffee about 2/3 the way up and add L’Orgeat Liqueur to the top. Dump that in a shaker, shake then return it to the glass, ice and all.

Hau’Oli Maoli Oe!

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  1. I gained a few pounds just reading that knowing that I’d have to drink 3 or 4 of them to use up the cream 😅

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